Client projects are confidential, but here’s a few internal ones or summaries – the Power BI ones under BI Analytics are live, you can drill and query right into them.

Power BI Live: KPI Tracker for Health Groups

Power BI KPI Tracker for hospital group management, fully updateable with SQL Spreads Excel add-in.

Power BI Live: ETF & Ticker Tracker

Compare more than one portfolio of mixed ETFs to see which one’s improve on the other.

Power BI Live: IoT Weather Data

Analysis of Road Accidents

Predict severity of accidents from combinations of road factors.

Operational Reporting – SSRS

Report on current performance metrics for benefits attributed to energy savings on sites and capital assets.

Analysis Services – MDX

Analysis Services data cube structure with complex criteria to query conflicting records due to different data sources, formats and categorisation.

Pollution Data Analysis

key observations on data integrity and conclusions on environmental behavior.

Power App – Site Maintenance

Power App on standard Android Tablets and Phones, linked to SQL Server database for further BI.

Power BI Live: Covid-19 Worldwide

A live interactive Power BI report refreshed daily (early hours GMT) from public datafeeds.

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