Key Services

These can be quickly priced, or just ask for a quote on your particular data requirements.

BI Dashboarding

Fast-track Power BI

£795 + Vat when you provide a clean dataset
  • 3 Feedback & revision loops
  • Fully interactive dashboard & KPIs
  • Easily extendable from provided data model
BI Dashboarding

Engineered BI Dashboards

Quote on request
  • Work with stakeholders and users
  • Your data sources assessed
  • Extensive data modelling
Data Engineering

Data Warehouse

Your new consolidated DW for analytics
  • Snowflake, Synapse or Databricks
  • Data Modelling for one version of the truth
  • Mimimise opex, maximise insights
Data Engineering

Data Management

Edit your data dynamically
  • SQL Spreads Excel plugin for instant app
  • Python web or desktop apps
  • MS Access if more convenient
Data Engineering

Web Scraping

Gain new and snapshot data
  • Python code development
  • Iterative results for your approval
  • Hosted on dedicated Virtual Machines
ML / Data Science

Scoring & Forecasting

Trends and assessments calculated and charted
  • Machine Learning
  • Python integration
  • Visual and numerical results


How do we keep our data private?
You can securely upload your data to us, avoiding email or unencrypted channels like email. Advice can be provided on stripping out PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or any other sensitive data.

A Non Disclosure Agreement can also be included as part of the engagement - we've been similarly trusted with confidential data for over 25 years.

Otherwise we can also generate random data for your data structures (using normal, uniform or other distributions) and apply cyclic variations to demonstrate hitting KPIs etc.
I'm not sure how to access the data?

If access is required to your databases, we normally request a restricted login for the project duration or maintenance period. We can advise on this.

Can you demonstrate similar systems?

Sure - check out some of our public data systems on our projects page.

How we can help you?

We love building data solutions, delivering results.

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