Tick every Box:

Accurate Power BI dashboards
Meaningful insights
Ongoing data quality

Let’s deliver real value, continuously.

What we do

Analytics & BI, Data Science and Engineering

Data Analytics & BI

Interactive dashboards with Power BI and/or Python. Charts, KPIs, heatmaps and other visuals for actionable insights.

Data Science

Use Machine Learning to classify, augment and predict with your data - make it really work for you.

Data Engineering

We're SQL Database specialists as well as data storytellers. Don't lose fact for fiction - our solutions are maintainable, not waffle.


Practical analytics

Information content

Keeping ahead on data tech


years providing trusted data solutions

Our long term UK experience and trust means we’re easy to work with and deliver maintainable solutions, not walk-away projects.


innovative projects

From the most painful VBA to the slickest DAX, Python and Visuals, we’ve been there and made it work.


data records

Data points and records processed, analysed, visualised and actioned.

How we can help you?

We love building data solutions for organisations who can make the most of their potential.

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