From Databases to Analytics

BI is Dead. Long live BI!

Building on BI projects and big (messy) data, you probably don’t just need a database system anymore – you need solutions and business improvements. Although they need to be built on sound and structured database systems, we can take that as a given. PowerBI analytics become awkward if the underlying database is poor, not to mention the quality of the data.

End-to-end solutions

Tickbox Systems will always provide end-to-end data solutions from initial analysis through development, programming, integration, maintenance and support. But we’ve decommissioned our last hosted SharePoint servers as we see clients more confident to use Microsoft’s own Office 365, and stopped promoting licence sales as we prefer to point our clients to the best way to save money via EU-linked distributors and resellers. That leaves our focus on SQL Server database development and data analytics for Business Intelligence.

From models and statistics to PowerBI, R and other analytics

As we continue to develop DAX (the underlying language of PowerBI and PowerPivot – it’s like SQL on steroids) and R (the key language and tool of statistical analytics), our focus remains on business orientated solutions to empower your management and workforce. We hope we can work with you to continue to achieve those aims.


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