Git & GitHub – your Code Version Control

We can now share our codebase, when developed for you, with GitHub.

Gone are the days where developers used their own proprietary Code Version Control CVC systems with the client not part of the process or able to access and maintain their own code. We believe in secured sharing, and giving you easy access to the code you paid for. Then you can review status, changes and work with other developers to extend it in future.

As part of that, we can shift the code repository (repo) to your own Organisation GitHub account and set that up for you too! Best of all, GitHub is free – even, finally, for Organisation accounts. You only need to start paying if you then use them for automatic deployment, continual integration tooling etc.

GitHub, or rather, Git, is not as simple as it seems – it just looks like that. You can’t really use it for actual development unless you’re using Git itself locally (cloning, pulling, fetching, pushing etc) – and that’s where it’s power really lies. GitHub can act as the central repo as well as the shareable one-stop internet source – the “hub”. But the real work and management goes on from the local Git cloned repos – which can be multiple for distributed responsibilities and development environments.

Git itself can become tricky by nature (and some would say on purpose – but it does do a tricky job), once branching and merging results in potential conflict resolution, rebasing, detaching heads (!) etc. There’s even a dedicated site (or without the swearing) to getting out of pickles. But we handle that end – you just enjoy the easy access and confidence of maintainable software.

Let us show you on our next project to get your data flowing with maintainable code.



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