Fast-track BI Dashboard

It’s tricky to choose an analytics partner, with unknown high expense, let alone project outcome. Risky.

So we’ve put together a fixed price Power BI dashboard offer at only £795 + Vat, to get you started without fuss. Then you can build on it’s success (or let us know what’s ineffective).

1. Secure Upload

Can be up to 5 sheets - Excel workbook or CSVs

2. Confirmatory Questions

Just to get it right

3. Design, Provision and Feedback

With a couple of rounds of adjustments to your liking

That’s it! You’ll then have an interactive analytics BI dashboard – in Power BI, the killer (and free!) desktop app for Windows (sorry Macs).

You’ll have full functionality (cross-filtering, KPIs, table summaries, drill down details etc) with a proper data model and can share it with colleagues or publish it to the Power BI Portal (~£120 per user year from Microsoft direct) for management and collaboration.

Have a look at some of our BI dashboards.

If this fixed price Power BI dashboard benefits from extending once you’ve used it in anger, we’ll quote at similar great value. If you can’t provide your data or it’s more complex than a batch of files, we’ll quote on that too.

And did we mention the price for all this? Yes we did, but note it’s for a limited time only.

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