Data Driven

BI dashboards - insightful and accurate
Data, database & ML integration
Maintainable systems

Let’s deliver real value, continuously.

What we do

More than just BI dashboards

(but very good with those)
What our clients do (mostly)
Environmental, Engineering, Research, Retail, Membership & Financial Services
BI & Data Analytics

Interactive BI dashboards including KPIs, heatmaps and visuals for actionable insights.

Data Engineering / ML / AI

Database and Data Warehousing for engineered analytics, including Machine Learning.


Key Services

Proven systems



years providing trusted data solutions

Our long term UK experience and trust means we’re easy to work with and deliver maintainable solutions, not walk-away projects.


innovative projects

From corporate DB Servers, Excel pivot tables and VBA/C# to the slickest visuals, DAX and Python –  we’ve been there and made it work.

How we can help you?

We love building data solutions, delivering results.

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